The Elusive 100

Two weeks ago I finished my 3rd attempt at 100 push-ups.  This time I managed 70 non-stop. And last week marked one year ( and my 45th year on this earth) since my very first attempt at making it to 100 push-ups.  According to the stats, I am up by 16  push-ups having done 54 this time last year.  However, unlike last year where I was completely exhausted after my attempt, I managed the 70 push-ups and with two short breaks of about 20 seconds each, made it to 108 (a mala!)) in 3 minutes.   So although the non-stop 100 remains elusive and I am yet another year older,  I know that I am so much stronger, my push form so much better,  and my arms  so much more toned then they were 365 days ago.  I am making progress and that is the real goal. Also, my quest to 50 non-stop pull-ups, continues.    Over the last 8 weeks, in spite of a crazy travel schedule that has kept me from consistently working out, I have gone from being unable to do even one pull up to being able to complete 5! "Slow and steady wins the race" I guess.   However at this pace I will probably need a few more lifetimes to achieve my goal... That said, I have  managed to inspired a few friends to push and pull as well.  Which makes me happy. I guess it is true that "misery loves company!" For some great information on Push Ups check out this post!  

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