I Love Yoga Nidra

I Love Yoga Nidra Plain and simple. I made it through the self-imposed "30 Yoga Nidras in 30 Days" challenge without missing one day.  Having practiced yoga regularly for over 14 years, I can say that this is the very first meditation practice that I have done daily, and since the benefits of more energy, mental clarity, and bursts of creativity continue to unfold, I have to ask myself,  "Why did you wait so long?"   Intellectually, through studying Yoga Nidra, and experientially, through sporadic practice, I have known its power.  However, 30 days in a row has taken this "knowing" to a whole new level! If you are not familiar with Yoga Nidra, specifically Satyananda Yoga Nidra™, it is a guided meditation practices that first and foremost fully relaxes and rejuvenates both body and mind.  It has been shown that with regular practice that when the body and mind are relaxed and quiet then deeper levels of transformation in ones personality can take place. My students have listened to me go on and on about the challenge and benefits of the practice in general, and that, coupled with some gentle chiding, I have managed to get at least one student to take the challenge and quite a few more to begin to practice Yoga Nidra regularly outside of class time.  I think that some are beginning to believe me.  I can see it on their faces. Since I finished the 30 day challenge a few days ago I have continued to practice and plan to do so daily because honestly, I am afraid to stop.  It really has been that good. Sure, life isn't perfect every moment but I am noticing that there are more perfect moments.  Life seems to be getting easier too. Easier in that it seems that I am inconvenienced less, things seem to be going my way more often,  not to mention the random people smiling at me.  Really, I am getting smiled at more.  Seems like magic.  But most likely it is my attitude and the energy I am carrying around with me. "You get what you give" I guess. I have been given so much through the Satyananda tradition and I am doing what I can to pass on what I have learned to others. So today I am giving you a Yoga Nidra practice . So you can love it too.      

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